About us

At Zimple, we develop and manufacture 3D printing upgrades to facilitate the use of 3D printers. We launched our first product, Zimpure, a 3D printer air purifier, in 2017. Ziflex, the magnetic and flexible build platform, was launched in 2018. We do not just develop hardwares products. We also develop our own machine learning algorithms to offer you innovative and relevant web services. Stay tuned, we have many surprises for 2019.


Zimple factory

Our factory in the south of France allows us to produce all your products and to offer excellent quality.

Montée des Ecureuils, 83210 Solliès-Pont, France

Station F

Zimple is also incubated at F station in the heart of Paris.

5 Parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France

The team

Nicolas Roux, CEO
Embedded System Engineer (ISEP), Designer 3D / Maker.
Antoine Franz, COO
Machine Learning Engineer (ENSAE), Web Developer.